Blockit is a LEading innovator in applying advanced technology to today’s complex healthcare challenges to improve patient care


Blockit’s mission is to connect healthcare’s technology infrastructure and make the flow of patient access information available in real time.




Below is view on the current state of the market compared to Blockit.

900M appointment.png
Follow through.png
Day wait.png

With Blockit

Day wait blockit.png
leakage blockit.png

*Data sourced from a study of practices using Blockit. Analysis of Leakage is a projection and currently under research.

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Configurable Blocks

Whether your practice is still figuring out the right use of technology or ready to activate a game-changer, start achieving higher value in acquiring patients, retaining them, and maximizing your revenue with configurable blocks in Blockit.


Maturity Scale

Build value with more blocks in acquiring patients, retaining them, and maximizing your revenue.

Maturity Scale.png