10 WHYs for Using Blockit + Cast Your Vote or Share Your WHY

We asked dozens of providers "WHY Blockit?" Here's a summary of the feedback in the form of 10 WHYs. Also, if you've had a demo or the opportunity to better understand Blockit, cast your vote and/or share your WHY. 

  • GET MY TIME BACK FROM NON-CARE TASKS to put back into care-related activities and supporting priorities. 
  • DECREASE PATIENT DROP-OUT and rescheduling inefficiencies in the referral workflow, even while engaged with specialists and other providers who live outside your control.
  • Enable STICKINESS and efficiency WITH CARE PARTNERS by allowing them access to your availability subject to your preferences. 
  • Create MORE IN-OFFICE ENGAGEMENT and less phone and scheduling busy work. 
  • Improve the PATIENT EXPERIENCE and the mutual experience with care partners by connecting directly through a common calendar (app or web for patients) in which each party controls their own availability.
  • Easily and quickly schedule common REFERRALS using the My Referral feature.
  • Simultaneously manage both FEE-FOR-SERVICE and PAY-FOR-QUALITY events even within the same EPISODE OF CARE.
  • Eliminate confusion from MEANINGFUL USE and ACO tracking with simple visibility to where you are in hitting your measures.
  • ELIMINATE THE PAIN of combing through hundreds of patient files to check care plan progress.
  • AVOID DISRUPTION of your current technology investments with a seamless, secure connectivity between your environment and that of your partners in care.

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