Charitable Care Referrals

Despite the current level of technological innovation in America, the inefficient scheduling process to move a patient from provider to provider has stagnated, especially when making an appointment involves the input of another healthcare provider. To solve this, we created the Blockit platform, a tool to schedule and track referrals and facilitate better quality outcomes, integrating into providers’ calendars to pull real-time availabilities. Using our tool, providers and their patients are able to directly access other providers’ schedules for an appointment, seamlessly navigate the referral process, and even schedule several appointments for an episode of care such as a total knee replacement. To the average reader, these developments may seem simple and straightforward, and yet according to a recent survey by Merritt Hawkins, a Dallas medical consulting and recruiting firm, it takes 29 days on average to secure an appointment with a family care physician. For a provider and patient, utilizing the Blockit platform is nothing short of revolutionary. Despite a successful launch in Texas, we couldn’t just stop there.

After some reflection on the power that collaborative scheduling would bring to a community, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to extend this capability to those that need it most, so with your help we are going to take our mission to the next level. Rather than be your average health care tech company focusing on signing clients and integrating to paying users only, we want to  leverage our technology to benefit everyone in the community, regardless of socioeconomic status. We want to solve a problem for the entire population and provide our platform to low-income/charity clinics free of charge. We have a simple ask: 

“Use our technology to coordinate referrals for indigent patients in 30 seconds or less free of charge.”

As a student entering medicine in the 21st century, I often see rapid innovations in other fields in contrast to slow, inefficient practices in healthcare. The reason I work at Blockit? We are an affordable solution, a tool that facilitates better healthcare from the first day a provider signs up! We don’t just give providers the information they need in real time, we get patients where they need to go with 7 clicks or less. Help us transform your healthcare community today, - Chris