Why Our Mission Sets Us Apart

There are a lot of scheduling companies. There are a lot of scheduling services in healthcare. That's why, 4 months ago, we were surprised when a substantial orthopedic specialist told us that it wasn't ideal for patients to schedule into their practice. We realized that there are a lot of scheduling companies that (1) want to control the lead flow into provider offices or (2) want to change the way patients access healthcare. Many other scheduling companies in healthcare utilize scheduling as a means/bottleneck/revenue driver to accomplish and own that control. Once they own their schedule.....

And it doesn't solve the real problem. The majority of scheduling in health care is not done between patient and provider, it originates when a rendering provider refers a patient to another provider. What providers need and patients want is collaborative scheduling, and it is collaboration between providers who are often on different systems, who cannot see one another's schedules. It would be as if you had to book a restaurant reservation but you had to search, select and sort on economic, quality and availability factors by visiting each restaurant website or calling the provider with a telephone! Highly inefficient and an administrative nightmare. Our healthcare providers and patients deserve better. It is no wonder that 46% of patients give up and never get where they need to go. Its no wonder that physicians struggle with burnout. 

So our solution? Give healthcare providers, systems, physician offices, care coordinators, and discharge coordinators the ability to book their patients' referrals by economic, clinical quality, and availability factors in real time.
From one screen. In real time. In 7 Clicks. Yes it is 2017 and that should be happening.

Please join our revolution and help us keep patients on track in their care plans, improve financial performance, increase efficiency and deliver overall better outcomes in Collin County, TX. If specialists, primary care physicians, health systems and charitable clinics use Blockit to book their patient referrals, our community of healthcare will reap the fruits of technology. 

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