What is the Referral Management project all about?

As VillageMD continues to strive in becoming a leading high-value care network through enhanced innovations, VillageMD is partnering with Blockit to provide an effective solution in enhancing the current management and workflow of patient referrals. The purpose is to provide options for providers and patients to quickly and easily schedule an appointment. The objective is to improve patient follow-up, coordination, and care by removing barriers that patients, providers, and provider office staff face in coordinating referrals. Providers and patients may use several options that Blockit provides to improve the continuum of care. The Blockit Scheduling and Referral function is not intended to and will not interfere with patient preference for services by a particular provider, the provider’s preference that the services be delivered by a particular provider, or a patient’s insurance requirement that services be delivered by another provider.

Who / What is Blockit?

Blockit is a leading healthcare technology company that has developed an advanced and very easy to use platform that helps providers increase their patient follow-through and improve patient outcomes by simplifying referral processes, alleviating administrative burdens, and improving communication between providers. They are the only truly integrated EMR agnostic and imaging referral solution on the market and have several different on-boarding or growth options to offer.

Who is included?

VillageMD provider group, including Walgreens clinics, will be standardizing their referral process to Blockit. They will send and receive referrals, communicate regarding referrals and use Blockit for consumer and referral scheduling.

Why does it matter to our partner physicians?

With VillageMD Health experiencing 50,000 referrals per year, you are an important element of the community’s care network and VillageMD asks that you please join them in optimizing the referral process using Blockit’s innovative solution.

When does this begin?

VillageMDs providers are live now and ready to send to you. Blockit’s market development associates will begin contacting you the week of October 1, 2019

What will it cost to implement and maintain the Blockit platform?

The VillageMD network highly discounted rate is based on the level of integration you desire and number of providers in your practice. With nearly 1,500 network providers this discounted rate will save our providers an average nearly 30% per year licensing fees. Your Blockit associate will walk you through the different options and agreed rates.

What is the difference between integrated and non-integrated versions of Blockit?

Integrated – Blockit Pro has the ability to integrate with many EHRs. In this instance, Blockit will work with the provider office and the EHR to develop API feeds so appointments are automatically pulled from the EHR into Blockit to display. Then, once an appointment time / day is selected from the Blockit application, the appointment will automatically be scheduled in the provider’s EHR.

Non-integrated – Blockit Basic and Blockit Plus will have consolidate all referral activities in one location but a manual, non-integrated process with your EHR will exist. In this instance, providers will utilize a secure application containing referral information but the information will NOT be synchronized with your EHR. When an appointment is scheduled from a Blockit application, the provider (or staff) will be notified via email that an appointment has been booked. The staff can then choose to enter that appointment information into their EHR.

How about online scheduling for patients?

For providers that are interested in online scheduling, the Blockit platform has an option that can enable patients to be able to go directly to your consumer-facing website to search for and filter on your providers. Once a provider is selected, the consumer will be able to view the provider’s schedule and select appointment. This option requires Blockit Pro (integrated) therefore ensuring that the appointment is being scheduled directly into your existing EHR schedule.

What are the benefits of the Blockit platform?

● Book appointments in real-time at the point of care.

● Efficiently guide patients through coordination of care by curating a network of care referral partners.

● Easily send referrals through Blockit’s platform to any receiving provider’s EMR.

● Receive referrals directly into your existing EMR with no manual intervention required.

● Enable secure communication among providers, including attachments, via Blockit’s chat feature.

● Track patient referrals and appointment status in real time.

● Obtain insights through analytics on referral activity.

● The Blockit platform has proven to enable: 85% patient followthrough, 0 calls, faxes, et and 2 minute referral scheduling.

How long will it take to get on the Blockit platform?

The average time to implement is twelve days. For Tier One EHR integrated option the 12 day process begins when the EMR vendor assigns the integration to their schedule.