Closing the Referral Loop: How Better Technology Can Lead to a More Perfect World

This perfect world that Dr. Gandhi describes is the world of closed referral loops, marked by completed appointments and timely exchanges of documentation.

While perfection sounds simple enough, Dr. Gandhi continues her statement by pointing out what many of us in healthcare already know, that, “In reality, health professionals find current practices highly inefficient, and patients are caught in the middle, sometimes having no idea who’s ultimately responsible for the referral or the clinical findings that emerge as a result.”

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Glenn Harnett, MD
Slowing Down to Speed Up: What a Dairy Farm Taught Our CEO About Innovation

In recent years, we have seen massive investments made toward healthcare technology, but the overall costs of healthcare continue to skyrocket without a corresponding increase in quality and access. Like my grandfather, we need to rethink how we approach innovation. We need to learn how to patiently search for the root problems before we spend more money and time solving for the wrong ones.

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Jake McCarley