Increase patient-follow through within narrow networks


44% of surveyed respondents said that improving the consumer experience is their top strategic priority for the remainder of 2019. Another 25% said it was their second, and only 2% of respondents put consumer experience outside of their top five priorities. But how do these organizations actually go about making these changes?

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People have tremendous power to influence the success of your RMS rollout. To use that power to your advantage, you and your team need to understand how the change will affect them, how best to engage them in the process and how to tap into their experience to design the best outcome.

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Much like moving across the country, healthcare appointments are often an intense source of stress. Patients have heard too many horror stories of simple checkups exposing something terrifying or prices being more than they expected. When physicians and their staff offer excellent service, when they care about caring, they can dramatically affect a patient’s whole experience.

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In recent years, we have seen massive investments made toward healthcare technology, but the overall costs of healthcare continue to skyrocket without a corresponding increase in quality and access. Like my grandfather, we need to rethink how we approach innovation. We need to learn how to patiently search for the root problems before we spend more money and time solving for the wrong ones.

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